Net4j and CDO Plus  v.1.0

Add-ons for the Eclipse projects Net4j (http://wiki.

Resync  v.1. 7. 2021

Resync has backup and restore functionality included within the application to help safeguard your data from loss or corruption. Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) must be installed for Microsoft Outlook synchronization.


Oriens Enhancer GOLD  v.1.0

Powerful tools and utilities for digital image editing and processing.

Chilibase  v.2 2

Chilibase - the new assistant to manage your Microsoft Outlook. See your people in an extra Outlook panel. See who is relevant and who is not. See the complete conversation with your people on a single click. See the conversation even with teams.

ClickYes Pro  v.2. 6. 2007

Click Yes Pro is the smartest solution which helps you to get rid of Microsoft Outlook security warnings. This tuning tool is the perfect option for security settings of Microsoft Outlook.

MAPInotify: Shadow of Power!  v.4.50.0400

MAPInotify: Shadow of Power! is an advanced skinable mail-checker utility that can monitor unlimited number of mailboxes, IMAP4 folders or any Microsoft Exchange folders and notify you in any number and combination of ways.

Chilibase for Outlook  v.

Chilibase for Outlook enables you to view relevant contacts for a selected email message in a newly added Outlook panel. You can then select one of the relevant contacts and choose to quickly view all message from or to that person.

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